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"Although Westie has only been part of the family for just over two weeks, we have already competed her in an external show, Dressage at Swallowfield, gaining a 5th place, had an XC lesson at Mini Mattingly, where she jumped everything, only really looking at ditches, which she probably wouldn't have seen before. And this weekend we competed her in the 3 day Autumn Trials at Burley Lodge Equestrian Centre, where she came 6th in the dressage, had a pole in the Show jumping and did really well over a 20 jump, challenging XC course. 
My 12 year old daughter, and many of her friends, have already fallen in love with Westie, as she has such impeccable manners, an amazing jump and is so sweet natured.
I would, and already have, recommend Carolyn as a superb agent, who listened to all we wanted, in that difficult decision to move up to horses from ponies, and really has over delivered on Westie. The care and schooling Westie had at Kelmscott Farm, by Carolyn, before and after vetting was also second to none. 
Although, it would seem Westie, will probably keep my ambitious daughter happy in her goals for Show Jumping over a good number of years. When we reach the stage of looking to sell her and buy another one, I know we will return to Carolyn for her expert opinions, during that difficult time, which will be made so much easier with her support. 
Thank you so much Carolyn for all you help."
Jo and Amelia

"Gioa is a joy to own. In the 32 days she has been with me we have been to 6 competitions, gained 11 rosettes and we've been out to 5 lessons. She is my perfect pony and my best friend. Unusual for me as I'm normally so nervous round new horses. Thank you x" Lin Adams

"Hi Carolyn, I hope you are well, I just thought you may like to know how Bramble is getting on.
She is a true dream and is perfect for me, last weekend we went out on our first dressage and came first and she behaved perfectly.
Thank you so much for finding her for me. I have gained so much confidence from her and we are both hoping to get out a lot more now." Verity and Bramble

"After 7 months of trying to find the right horse for us, Carolyn came to the rescue and found us a wonderful horse who is exactly the right fit. Our list of demands was pretty long and even though the horse Carolyn suggested we try fitted the bill on paper, she was still very careful to ensure we tried him out fully before we made our decision. Dan is now a fully fledged and much loved member of the family and by far the best quality horse we have ever owned. Carolyn was very straight with us throughout the process but she has a very warm and caring personality and is as concerned for the horses welfare as much as she is for making sure the prospective owners are happy. I would recommend her services without hesitation. Lisa"

Hi Carolyn, just thought I would let you know how Archer has been getting on after I bought him from you in May last year. He is turning 7 next year and has come along so much over the past 18 months. He is such a cheeky character and is loved by everyone around the yard. He never fails to put a smile on my face! We have been out competing at local shows on a regular basis this year at 90cm and I’m hoping to affiliate in the near future. He has been nothing but a star and really helped my gain my confidence back. I can’t thank you enough for the help you offered in finding me my dream horse!

Lauren Hilton

After the loss of my horse of 12 years and a year off riding the prospect of buying a new horse for life was a daunting prospect! I had struggled for a few months looking at various horses, trawling through adverts and suffering unsuccessful vettings. I was about to give up when I saw Frankie advertised. There was something about him that I really liked, I called Carolyn and had a really lovely chat. She helped me out through the entire process. At first I was concerned he would be too much for me after my time off but Carolyn described his genuine sweet nature perfectly and I am very glad she did. The entire experience was very positive, I was able to bring a range of experienced friends and have Frankie on a week trial. Carolyn supported us with lessons and advice and has been a support for us even after we purchased Frankie. It helped me feel confident I was purchasing the right horse. As it turns out Frankie is the horse I had hoped for and more and very importantly everything Carolyn had described about him was totally spot on. I recommend Carolyn and her services very highly. I've ended up with a beautiful horse who has become my best friend thanks to Carolyn.

Laura Edwards

'Having had a bad experience when we bought our first pony for our daughter, Lucy, we were very fortunate this time round to be put in touch with Carolyn.  Throughout the whole process, Carolyn was absolutely great.  She assessed Lucy’s riding ability, made her try out various ponies and finally found the perfect match.  La Goia (Joya) is a delight.  She is a rock solid pony who takes most things in her stride but has enough fizz to make riding, and competing with her, huge fun.  The fact that Carolyn allowed us to take Joya on trial was a great positive and I can honestly say the whole process was pain-free.  It is refreshing to find someone like Carolyn who is not only prepared to give an unvarnished opinion but whose principle concern is to match the right horse with the right rider.  We still see Carolyn regularly for lessons and at her cross-country clinics.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.'

Lucy, Chris and Joya

Carolyn has been a great help over the years both finding the right horses for our family and selling on horses that didn't work out (not purchased on her advice)!
We eventually ended up with two super horses, I'm sadly parting with one because I could no longer keep both fit with children having left home. It was hard to choose between them as they were both so wonderful.
We were always looking for bombproof schoolmasters who could participate in pony club and safe for all to hack out and she found them for us.
She sold two of our horses finding good homes and provides updates on them whenever we're in touch.
She has also been very supportive when problems arose. The children enjoyed being taught by her, including her excellent cross country clinics.
I would highly recommend Carolyn if you want to buy or sell a horse.

Jo Ross and Scarlett

"Hi Carolyn

just to let you know how Kya and Corilha II have now been gettiing on, they have been to their first show together now. It has been 8 months since we purchased her from you and watching their bond get stronger each day is a delight to see. Corilha still is everything that you said she was and would be. She has turned out to be the perfect horse and is such a huge part of the family. I would like to thank you for everything you did for us, so professional and honest."

Kya and Corliha

"Hi Carolyn.

Just thought I'd give you an update on George now that I've had him a year!
He's such a pleasure and we're both having lots of fun doing really well at unaffiliated dressage and a bit of jumping. We've also done some Le trec and long country hacks.
He's been perfect for me, despite still hating being groomed and bathed, just like you told me! He's a real character and seems to be really enjoying life.
Thank you again for finding me my ideal horse.
Very best wishes,"

Tracy and George

“Carolyn helped me to find Rocky my first horse. As a relatively inexperienced adult rider the brief was quite challenging but Carolyn understood immediately what sort of horse would be right for me and guided me carefully in my choice. Carolyn found and tried out various horses for me. She was completely honest if a horse was not the right one even when my instinct was to let my heart rule my head. I felt that she was absolutely committed to finding me the perfect horse and she did just that. My horse Rocky is beautiful, he is loved by everyone who rides him and I cannot imagine a better choice for me. Thank you Carolyn".

Maggie & Rocky

"Dear Carolyn, Just a short note to let you know how happy I am with Ballen! He is exactly as you described and turned out to be just the perfect horse for me. He settled in very quickly and every day I spend with him I realise how lucky I am to have found him thanks to you."
Anne & Ballen

"We found Carolyn after having tried unsuccessfully to buy a horse via several dealers and private sellers, and how lucky we were to find her as we’re now the proud owners of a beautiful 8 year old mare called Blue. Carolyn took us right through the process, from the initial assessment of my daughter’s riding ability and interests, considering which type of horse may be suitable for her, finding and trying out Blue for us as well as keeping her on a trial livery, during which time we were able to really get to know Blue and whether she was right for us.

I was so impressed with both the professionalism and level of care that Carolyn provided and I felt able to trust her judgement and advice without question. I have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone looking to buy or sell a horse."

Amander Gallagher


"Hi Carolyn, just to let you know how well Blue Rebel and I are doing; we came 4th and 7th in our first unaffiliated jumping at the local Riding Club Show. We were so chuffed! Working hard to improve our dressage. Thank you so much for finding me such a suitable horse. Your horse finding service certainly worked for me!"

Anita & Blue Rebel

"Carolyn was highly recommended to me a few years ago, when I had to make a heart breaking decision of ‘horse vs. young family’. Carolyn supported me through my decision and found my old mare a lovely permanent home, and I vowed to call her again one day when I was in a position to buy another horse.

After a few tough few years (my son had Leukaemia), what kept me going was the dream that one day I would buy another horse. That day came in April 2013, and after reading ads and becoming disheartened at the replies, I rang Carolyn to outline my wishes. I used to love dressage, but the thought of owning a big warm blood with a family and a job just didn’t fit! I then rode a pony and had such fun - so within a few weeks, Pheonix (nicknamed Danny by the kids) was at his new home.

The best part of buying through Carolyn is that she knew my riding style and capabilities, and can perfectly match ponies to riders. Unfortunately, I had a fall in May ‘14 and fractured my pelvis and ankle, which knocked my confidence. I phoned Carolyn again when I was able to ride, and her support & lessons to get both Danny and I back on track was fantastic. I can highly recommend Carolyn to anyone looking for any type/level of horse or pony - she will do everything possible to help you!"

Sue Robinson, Horsham

"I lost my last horse 3 years ago and since then had been riding my sisters horse when I started my search for a new project. After looking through a huge amount of videos and calling up about horses that seem to all have problems I found Carolyn's advert for Revel.
I called Carolyn and discussed the type of horse I was looking for and she had two horses that seemed suitable. On visiting Carolyn I walked into the yard and saw Revel looking out of his stable and I think at the point I had already decided he was coming home with me. Carolyn and her staff made me feel totally at ease and the facilities where great for trying the horses and Carolyn was very helpful. There was also no hard sell or pressure to buy.
I brought Revel on my first viewing as I was so happy with him and he flew through his 5 stage vetting.  
The one thing that I really liked about Carolyn is that she is great at fitting the right horse to the rider and is very honest and even gave me some really useful tips for when I got Revel home. I really feel that Carolyn would never sell a horse that was unsuitable for the rider." Lisa Birch

"As a busy military saddle club, we need horses that are robust enough to hunt regularly, bold and scopey enough to compete at XC and SJ, but also with the right temperament to be used for lessons in the school – and all at a sensible price. We were able to discuss our requirements with Carolyn and she lined up a number of suitable animals for us to look at.  It really helped take the hassle out of horse-buying. Result: we bought three very nice horses and two ponies, which are proving just the job. Castle, in particular, is a star; people come up to us at shows and ask if he is for sale! I have no doubt we will be calling on Carolyn’s services again in the future."

Ben Moore, Yard Manager, RA Saddle Club (Larkhill)

"Dear Carolyn,
I wanted to let you know how Chequers (now called Alfie) is getting along. He has settled in well and I am so happy with him. I have lessons on him twice a week and hack him out Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and he is so good. I loan him out to a young girl twice a week who used to ride my last horse. She loves him and has just started doing jumps with him in her lessons. I am so pleased we came to you at a time when I thought I wouldn't be able to love another horse. Thank you Carolyn." Sheila Jackson

"Carolyn has answered my 12 year old daughters dream. Where do you start with finding a reputable horse dealer when dealing with a young child moving to horses? Carolyn's knowledge and understanding of matching the correct horse and pony are the best. She matched my child's riding ability to the perfect horse. We have had 'Marley' for the past eight weeks, my daughter is jumping confidently and has just done working hunter and dressage. Seeing the working partnership makes me proud as her mum. I can not recommend Carolyn highly enough and the aftercare she gives is fantastic. 'Marley', Nicky and Nieve.

"I first contacted Carolyn as I was looking for a specific kind of horse and a friend suggested I gave her a call as she had bought 2 horses from her over the years. I called Carolyn and gave her my extensive wish list! We had a long chat and discussed all my requirements, she was really friendly and I felt she genuinely understood and took on board everything I had said.  2 weeks later Carolyn called to say she had found a possible match. We waited a couple of weeks while he was put through his paces and then I went to try him. To my delight he ticked all my boxes and was exactly what I was looking for, 3 days later he flew through the vetting and came home! 
The whole experience was great, hassle free and no pressure at all. I really felt Carolyn matched us perfectly and that it was important to her I had the right horse.  I am thrilled with Charlie and have great hopes for his future." Sonya Saville

"Dear Carolyn,

I bought an 8 year old Cob from you about 7.5 years ago (Jasper [Jazzman]) and I just wanted to send you a messgae to tell you how far we have come. We were both novices and have grown together over the years and we've recently qualified for the British Dressage Summer Regionals at Prelim level. He's also fab at Novice Freestyle to music.

I am so proud of him as it can be difficult to get cobs recognised in dressage but he moves so beautifully and loves his work.

I don't know if his old owners still live at the same address and just though that if you were still in touch with them that you may send on this photo to show how well he is. He certainly enjoys hacking around the Yorkshire countryside and likes to pop a few cross country jumps too. Kind regards," Rebecca Farah 

"I recently had the soul wrenching task of selling my beloved youngster who I had bred from a foal and to whom therefore, I had a particular attachment and great concern that he should go to a specifically appropriate home. Carolyn, from the time she took him in, provided excellent advise, invaluable schooling and confidence building strategies to present him at his best and to show his true potential. As a result she successfully found a buyer whose aspirations as a rider matched his qualities and abilities as a young horse. I cannot praise Carolyn enough for her empathy to me as the seller and also for her expertise at finding a compatible purchaser. In fact, it was as a result of her friendly professional service that I was inspired to use her again when I needed to sell my beloved and special pony and once again, in less than two weeks, she managed to find an excellent and exceedingly suitable home for her where thankfully I can keep up to date with her achievements.
I could not recommend her more highly for anyone selling or buying a horse/pony and would without doubt or exception look to use her again in the future. A real pleasure to work with in every way!!"  Emma Toke

"I was thrilled with the care that Carolyn took to find the right buyer for our much loved horse. She looked after him very well while he was with her and ensured that he went to a loving home."

"Henry is simply FANTASTIC! He's everything you said and more and he never ceases to amaze me. After purchasing him the end of Feb I thought the winter would be almost over, how wrong I was...... we battled the gales, rain and snow drifts, he took it all in his stride.
I did a riding club dressage competition at my previous yard, we beat all the riders from there, came 3rd!! And they'd owned their horses for years. 
Henry came 3rd in his first Dressage competition, just out of the placing in his second dressage test and that was out doors. Last weekend we got 2 x seconds and qualified for Hickstead - hilarious, so didn't expect that!
We've done a little jumping, cross poles etc and got a couple of clear rounds but working on the canter at the moment and hope to do more as the year moves on.
He is such a character - loved by all!! Henry has a huge fan club! I am absolutely delighted with him! I cannot recommend you highly enough! Thank you.  Will keep you posted!"
Sue & Henry

"I’ve been having lessons with Carolyn for the last 10 months and I have learned so much.  My position has definitely improved and I’ve rediscovered what fun jumping is.  Carolyn clearly loves horses and teaching and her enthusiasm and positivity is infectious.   Carolyn organises fun outings such as cross country schooling and jumping clinics.  When I go on holiday my mare goes to Carolyn’s for schooling and the difference when I get her back is clear to see.  I would definitely recommend Carolyn." Gill Newton

"We had been recommended to use Carolyn by a mutual friend for lessons for our daughter Lily and Fred her pony. On meeting her she greeted us all with a warm smile and took any apprehension away. Her focus is very much on finding out what you want to achieve from your lessons, not a regimented - this is what we are doing! Your lesson is interesting,
varied and very much tailored to you and your horse. Praise and encouragement is in abundance. As you progress more is asked of both of you but always you come out of the arena feeling you have achieved something, however big or small and with a smile on your face. I would have no hesitation in recommending Carolyn to anyone for lessons as she has years of
experience and a wealth of knowledge and is a lovely person as well."

Caroline Glaysher

"Carolyn thank you so much for coming to Cranleigh RDA on Sunday morning and judging 16 dressage tests in the heat and sun. We really welcome your time and expertise but also your kind and encouraging words to our disabled riders who put their all in to their performances. Their families were so happy to see them riding and really appreciated your comments. I hope you enjoyed seeing Rafferty again - who you helped us buy some years ago - he has proved to be a wonderful RDA pony"


Pauline Lane 

Board of Governers, Riding for the Disabled

"Carolyn has been teaching me for over 10 years now. She is very supportive and her lessons are always fun and rewarding. Carolyn invests time to really get to know the horse and rider and she has a knack of building your confidence and pushing you to the next level without you even realising! Carolyn has always been there to encourage and motivate me - I always walk away from a lesson feeling that I have achieved something. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her."
Anna Prouty
"By chance I came across Carolyn in the hope she could help me find the right home for our pony, which we had struggled to do on our own.
Carolyn was absolutely brilliant in advising us on what the options were, understanding and very astute in her assessment of our pony.
She very quickly got him on the right road and within 2 weeks she had found the perfect home for him, minimising all costs in doing so and making the whole process so much easier than trying to do it alone.
The key was finding the right home for our pony and through her fantastic network she found that perfect home and that was really  important for us.
I could not recommend Carolyn more highly in all respects and I will without doubt look to use her again in the future for both selling and looking for the right pony for my daughter. She is a  super star!"
Emma Grant

"I run a small riding school in London and finding the time to source new horses and ponies is very hard. It is also difficult to find time between lessons to see people to sell horses. Carolyn provided a wonderful service for us by finding us exactly the sort of horses and ponies we needed saving us days and an awful lot of money in travel time and travel costs. She also provided and excellent service finding good homes for 2 of our horses. I would recommend her service to anyone looking to buy or sell a horse"

Linda Hinds Manager of Vauxhall City Farm

"I cannot recommend Carolyn Wise highly enough. She takes great care to match the right horse with the right owner and continues to support the horse and rider partnership long after the completion of the sale. Even during the inevitable challenging times with my new horse, she was always there to help and advise with a sympathetic ear or practical suggestions. She never forgets that for most of us riding is a hobby and every lesson or clinic is both fun and motivating. Like most people looking for a new horse, I'd trawled the advertisements and seen countless dealers, but after my experience with Carolyn I wouldn't buy a horse through anyone else."

Charlotte Heath-Bullock, Managing Director Cultural Communications

"I have known Carolyn Wise for some 7 years on a professional basis and during that time we have brought over 20 horses and ponies from her. We have brought many horses from her that have come with personal recommendation as she have known the horses for several years and helped sell horses on when owners make the difficult decision that it is time to move on. We are a British Horse society Training Centre where most of the horses are owned privately but kept on a working livery basis. We have brought some super horses over the years and many are still with us today. We run BHS exams from stage 1 to 3 and train right up to BHSI level so we need good quality talented horses. We have always found Carolyn to be both professional and friendly. We frequently sent more novice client's to her for them to view horses and Carolyn has always looked after them. Carolyn will only sell a horse to a customer if she feels the partnership will work for both the horse and rider. Carolyn has good facilities available when we come over for a viewing. Horses always turn up immaculately and Carolyn is very keen to follow their progress once they arrive. I would thoroughly recommend Carolyn wise and will continue to use her in the future."

 Bridget Hart, Manager Rycroft School of Equitation


"Carolyn is a great teacher; she has given me the confidence to progress my riding and abilities in the school. I was nervous to start with but now I love my time on my horse Billy."

Sandra Hyde


"Thank you Carolyn for finding Missy! You have understood my needs and wish list(!) and Missy is a perfect match. We look forward to our lessons to help us build a great partnership and further both our abilities. Thank you again."

Karla Butler


After months of searching on our own. Carolyn understood our needs and found the perfect horse, Teddy."

Georgia Cooper


"Both my daughter and I have been taught by Carolyn for the past ten years. Her experience with young horses is invaluable, she is able to build the horse's confidence (and mine!) so well that you feel you can achieve anything. I would not hesitate to recommend Carolyn to anyone."

 Sharon Overington


"Having bought my 'horse of a lifetime' from Carolyn 13 yrs ago - who took me from Pony Club to Novice Eventing and Elementary dressage, I didn't think twice about calling Carolyn when I was looking for a new horse. I was quite specific about what I wanted and, having failed to find the right horse on my own, I was beginning to lose hope. Within 3 days of calling Carolyn she had found and tried Cesar out and really felt she'd found what I was looking for. I tried him at my first opportunity and I really think I've found my second 'horse of a lifetime'. I am extremely grateful to Carolyn as many people struggle to find one good horse in their lifetime but Carolyn has found me two! I would recommend Carolyn to anyone who is looking for a quality horse for any discipline. Thank you Carolyn."

Lisa Hyatt


"As a first time owner the reality of buying the right horse proved to be a minefield, until I met Carolyn. She paired me up with Finlay who has proved to be my perfect partner."

Anne Woodward

Used Car Manager/VCC Retail Strategy & Development


"If it wasn't for Carolyn I would not have found the one horse that would have taken me from a nervous X-Country rider to an Eventer. A year ago I bought Bess she is an 18hh small gentle giant. I was 17 when I got her and I had, had some horrific falls out X- Country and also Show jumping. When we rang Carolyn up she was adamant that Bess would be the one. We went to have a look at her and she was everything I was looking for (well except the size). She jumped everything that I put in front of her and never said no. So I knew then that was it, she was the one for me. After 3-4 months I took her X- Country schooling and she was amazing filled me with so much confident that I know that I could trust her out on an eventing course. Unfortunately she sustained a big injury and now she is unable to event., so she is now being brought back into work slowly. We have always kept in contact with Carolyn and she has offered us horses and has found us some as well. If I ever am looking for another then Carolyn would be the first person I would go too, as she knows how to match a horse with a rider."

Jordan and Bess

Charlotte and Noble


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